Honestly, I don’t know what qualifies as philosophy or if there is a universally accepted single definition of it. But I have a loud mind that constantly analyses and synthesises its own experiences and observations, mostly with two underlying goals – get peace, or maintain peace. And the process makes me feel good, makes me feel “philosophical”.

I thought that penning some of it down would be a great idea. And whatever I write for “philosophy” is just pure logic based on my 27 years of personal experiences, observations, and affirmations. No pressurised writing, no fluff, just pure thought processes — whenever I feel like it.

I am sharing this to, don’t know what. Hope some of it helps someone to read something they needed to today, or at least get entertained. And if you come across something where you have a different perspective, I would really love to have a chat.

The load of lies

Jul 1, 2024

I don’t lie, unless absolutely necessary. Like, in situations where, say the older generation won’t understand a choice of mine, or I can escape an overspeeding ticket (guilty!), or I am playing a prank, or planning a surprise for someone.

And I don’t think it’s a question of morals. Because not lying for the sake of being morally correct takes away the sense of using lies in situations where it is actually required for the greater good. Classic example of that is Yudhisthir from Mahabharata. If he could read the intent right and just lie, at some pivotal moments, to...

Pain demands action, and happiness?

Jun 27, 2024

There’s a thing they say about pain – it demands to be felt. That’s because it stings. Just like a bee. And when we are stung, we only focus on fixing the affected part of our body and don’t necessarily care about the other 99.9% functioning part of the body. Which is good, because that is the need of the situation. It is the survivor’s bias. It is urgent. It aches. And we must act now. And that holds true for both physical and mental pain.

And, when nothing is going wrong? I think we tend to feel more happy...